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AC motor capacitor ---CBB60

 Widely applied to starting and running of AC single-phase motors at 50Hz/60Hz frequency power.
 Self-healing property
 High stability and reliability
1.  Specifications

 Reference standards  GB/T 3667.1 IEC60252-1
 Climatic category 40 / 70 / 2140 / 85 / 21
 Class of operation Class B (10000h)    Class C (3000h)
 Class of safety protection P0/P2
 Voltage range    200500VAC
 Capacitance range 160μF
 Capacitance tolerance     ± 5% ± 10%± 15%
 Dissipation factor 20 x10-4 (100Hz,20°C)
Test voltage terminal to terminal  UTT   2Un for 2 seconds
Test voltage terminal to case UTC  (2Un+1000)VAC or 2000VAC- 50Hz for 60 seconds
 Insulation Resistance 3000s (100Hz20°C1min)


NO. Specifications Routine With screws or pins
450VAC 250VAC 450VAC 250VAC
1 1μF φ26*52 φ26*52 φ30*52 φ30*52
2 2μF φ26*52 φ26*52 φ30*52 φ30*52
3 2.5μF φ26*52 φ26*52 φ30*52 φ30*52
4 3μF φ26*52 φ26*52 φ30*52 φ30*52
5 3.5μF φ26*52 φ26*52 φ30*59 φ30*52
6 4μF φ28.5*55 φ26*52 φ35*62 φ30*52
7 4.5μF φ28.5*55 φ26*52 φ35*62 φ30*52
8 5μF φ28.5*55 φ26*52 φ35*62 φ30*52
9 5.5μF φ34*62 φ26*52 φ35*62 φ30*52
10 6μF φ34*62 φ26*52 φ35*62 φ30*52
11 6.5μF φ34*62 φ26*52 φ35*62 φ30*52
12 7μF φ34*62 φ26*52 φ35*62 φ30*52
13 8μF φ34*62 φ26*52 φ35*62 φ30*52
14 9μF φ34*62 φ26*52 φ35*62 φ30*52
15 10μF φ34*62 φ26*52 φ35*72 φ30*52
16 12μF φ37*73 φ26*52 φ35*72 φ30*61
17 14μF φ37*73 φ34*62 φ40*72 φ30*61
18 15μF φ37*73 φ34*62 φ40*72 φ30*61
19 16μF φ37*73 φ34*62 φ40*72 φ30*61
20 18μF φ37*73 φ34*62 φ40*72 φ35*67
21 20μF φ40*72 φ34*62 φ40*72 φ35*67
22 25μF φ42*80 φ42*62 φ40*72 φ35*67
23 30μF φ42*90 φ40*72 φ45*95 φ40*72
24 35μF φ45*90 φ40*72 φ45*95 φ40*72
25 40μF φ50*100 φ42*90 φ50*110 φ40*97
26 45μF φ50*100 φ42*90 φ50*110 φ40*97
27 50μF φ50*100 φ42*90 φ50*120 φ40*97
28 60μF φ50*115 φ42*90 φ50*120 φ40*97

Note: Other specifications and sizeterminal outside table are negotiable.
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