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Tongfei Technology’s patent layout for super capacitor

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Tongling Tongfei Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high and new technology enterprise which is engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sales of capacitor. Since inception, the company is committed to be a world-class supplier.

In order to track the capacitor leading level to provide further development, the company invests to the super capacitor’s research and development. Combining with the company’s long-term accumulation in the field of capacitor, the composition and implementation method of the super capacitor has got creative and technological achievements.

To protect the intellectual property rights, the company has sort out technological achievements of the super capacitor and formed following patent application of three inventions: “A kind of super capacitor electrode core and super capacitor production method”, “A kind of super capacitor manufacturing method and the implementation of this method in the glove box” and “A kind of super capacitor vacuum impregnation method and device”. Considering it takes long to approve the invention patent, the company also declares the utility model patents of above three inventions, to obtain utility model patent certificate first.This way make the technological achievements being protected as soon as possible, thus ensure the company's intellectual property rights.

  At presnt the SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office) has accepted the company's patent application,which is currently in the examination stage.


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