Welding Inverter Capacitor

■ Description:

Inverter welding capacitorair conditioner capacitor ,fan capacitor, oil capacitor, motor capacitor, IGBT capacitor, CBB65 motor run capacitor,CBB61 capacitor, aluminum case capacitor ,anti-explosion capacitor .

■  Outline Drawing



■  Features

1、  Used in high-power high-frequency switching power supply of high-frequency pulse current absorption, filter

2、  Low ESR, high ripple current and Large current shock handling capabilities

3、  Low Ls, good high frequency characteristics

4、  Self-healing property

5、  Long lifetime

6、  Plastic case, Filled with resin

■  Applications

1、 Used in high frequency switching power supply filter, absorption, blocking, resonant circuit

2、 Widely applied to EMI,Such as highfrequency welding inverter, UPS, electric vehicles, etc. 

■  Technical Specification

Technical Specification of welding inverter capacitor

Note: Other specifications and size outside table are negotiable. 

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